Content Policies for Job Advertisements

We have created job content policies to ensure that our users are associated with open, relevant and easily applicable jobs. If we find content that violates this policy, we will respond accordingly. This may include a notice for the company, immediate blocking of the advertiser account and removal of the ads from the work experience on our site.

Unbound Content Empty content can only be used on pages that contain a single job advertisement. We do not allow more jobs on one page, including pages that do not list certain jobs.

Incomplete Content We do not accept job postings with incomplete descriptions.

False statements We do not allow workplaces that try to falsify the identity of another person or organization, or that engage in activities with the intent to harm, deceive or persuade others. This includes approving false suggestions about joining or joining another person or organization. This also includes the use of multiple accounts to circumvent our policies, attempts to avoid blockages or any undermining of restrictions on the account.

Examples of political violations include:

esumes only for open positions. We can remove requests that collect candidate data, but are not currently hiring.

Mandatory payments

We do not allow job advertisements that require payment from candidates.

Job applications

Advertisements must describe the vacancy, include the necessary qualifications and other information that would be relevant to a job search user. We do not allow advertisements in which the candidate offers to do a job.